Thumbs Up to the Zone

“We know that golf’s greatest leveller is surely its ability to disorientate. To throw something at you that no amount of preparation or skill or intelligence can tell you is coming. To any player, of any ability, at any time.”

Sport’s Greatest Asset

There are pictures and stories and messiness within the number, and that’s where the relationship with our sport truly lies, but there’s a grateful finality that seems impossible to find in every other part of life right now.

Belonging in 2020

“We’re supposed to draw a line and then start a new drawing altogether. But 2020 was a series of new drawings in itself – every month, every tournament, every email confirmation PCR test and every yellow-ticker press conference resetting the rules and the consequences.”

Eyes Closed

“Letting all those stories wash over my own reluctantly-building reflections of a 3 day tournament which included 15 birdies but a T-26th finish drew me to this conclusion: golf is about proving things to yourself.”

Thursday Evening Jigsaws

“Maybe I speak as a professional golfer and a competitor here as opposed to a fan, but this captures me far more than the final round at Winged Foot on Sunday…
The mutual acknowledgement of mutual demons and the willingness to shatter comfort zones in an effort to deal with them; that last resort of admitting vulnerability.”

The Art of Thought

All of us who have been lucky enough to have been dragged into golf’s bewitching complexity, we know that it’s exactly that. The complexity, and the desperate search for the peaceful moments of simplicity within it. The questions that it asks, and the occasional answers that we find.

In Our Shoes

I originally posted this on Twitter (meg_maclaren) on 20/5/20. Not because I have all the answers or reasons or solutions, just because I felt it needed to be said: Please please bear with me, because I’m more tired than anyone of the supply and demand argument when it comes to …