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21. Stop waiting for someone to save you... be your own hero


“There is no time to put ourselves on hold…” Continue reading

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Snakes and Ladders

I might have taken board games too seriously when I was a kid. Remember snakes and ladders? You could take hours and hours to get to that top line of the board, just a few squares away from the victorious … Continue reading

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Drifting with Direction

I don’t drink alcohol very often for a few different reasons. The biggest one of those is I don’t like wasting my time – I have things I want to achieve, and every day spent not working towards them is … Continue reading

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No Halos for Heroes

It’s hard to imagine someone inarguably labeled as one of the best (if not the best) golfers to have ever played the game could be considered underrated. But I honestly think he is. His record when he was at his … Continue reading

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“I think we all need those little reminders that getting comfortable right where we are isn’t really enough. Staying still often means going backwards…” Continue reading

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Paradise Valley

I think there’s a danger in having things readily available. It can lessen our drive to find improvements for ourselves, to challenge ourselves, to make ourselves uncomfortable. Continue reading

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Flight Feels

It’s that bittersweet appreciation I’m trying to get at. Being aware that the way your life is, isn’t the way it’s always going to be. Continue reading

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